• Botaurus stellaris - Bittern
  • Anser anser - Greylag Goose
  • Anas plathyrhynchos - Mallard
  • Aquila clanga - Spotted Eagle
  • Ciconia nigra - Black Stork
  • Anas crecca - Teal
  • Lakes, rivers, deltas

    • River Kupa's basin

      This is a wet lowland area with very rich pedunculate oak forests and meadows. The wetland habitats are rich on carp fishponds Crna Mlaka... read more

    • Bjelovar region - Siscani fishponds

      Fishponds, intersected with reedbeds, shrub and woods, are stretching 7 km along the Cesma River, end in an ancient oak forest from the north... read more

    • The alluvial wetlands of the lower flow of River Sava - Lonjsko Polje nature park

      This is the largest retention basin in Croatia, a lowland area with large wet pastures, alluvial oak forests, riverine forests and scrubs,... read more

    • River Drava, upper and middle stretch

      This area includes as much as three protected areas - Dravski park of forests, ornithological reservation Veliki Pazut, and significant... read more

    • River Danube and the lower flow of river Drava - Kopacki Rit nature park

      In this lowland area the prevailing habitats are rivers, wetlands and riverine forests (oak, willow and poplar). The largest of the wetlands... read more

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