• Islands in the area of Zadar, northern part
  • Anthus Campestris - Tawny pipit
  • Falco Peregrinus - Peregrin
  • Caprimulgus Europaeus - Nightjar
  • Islands in the area of Zadar, northern part

    Area description

    This part of the Zadar Archipelago comprises, among others, the islands of Premuda, Silba, Olib, Skarda, Ist and Molat. Being rich with shallow seas and numerous islets, this is a favourable breeding area for seabirds that feed on fish.

    In the center of this territory, on the reefs of the Island of Silba, is the most important nesting area of Shag in Croatia. Little Tern colonies are to be found on several islets here, hence it is this species' biggest Croatian maritime breeding site.

    Types of habitats

    • 88% sea, 12% land of which:
    • 66% coniferous forests; holm oak macchia and forest
    • 30% Mediterranean dry grasslands (mostly in mosaic with shrub)
    • 4% other habitats (mosaic arable fields, orchards and olive groves)


    Besides the Shag, Red-throated Diver, and Little Tern, we will find here the following species: Peregrine Falcon, Eagle Owl, Nightjar, Tawny Pipit, Red-backed Shrike and Stock Dove.