• Islands of Kvarner
  • Gyps Fulvus - Griffon Vulture
  • Anthus Campestris - Tawny pipit
  • Bubo Bubo - Eagle Owl
  • Falco Peregrinus - Peregrin
  • Burhinus Oedicnemus - Stone Curlew
  • Islands of Kvarner

    Area description

    The area includes large North Adriatic islands (Cres, Krk and Rab) and smaller islands in their vicinity. The numerous cliffs are the nesting area of the last population of Griffon Vultures in Croatia. Many other species are breeding here as well, such as Shags, Peregrine Falcons, Eagle Owls and other birds of pray. For these species, the vast open and mixed habitats (as are, for instance, the rocky meadows) are very important.

    This area has also spacious forests and shrubs of several Mediterranean types. This is a significant wintering area of Sandwich Tern. There are three ornithological reservations on the Island of Cres, and one on the Island of Krk. Nature Protection Research and Education Center " Eco Center Caput Insulae" operates in Beli on Cres, with protection of Griffon Vultures as one of their main goals.

    Types of habitats

    • 71% sea, 29% land of which:
    • 36% Mediterranean dry grasslands
    • 16% Mediterranean shrub
    • 19% pubescent oak forest and shrub
    • 14% holm oak macchia and forest
    • 5% newly planted conifers
    • 10% other habitats


    Shag, Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Stone Curlew, Sandwich Tern, Black-throated Diver, Red-throated Diver, Honey Buzzard, Short-toed Eagle, Rock Partridge, Common Tern, Eagle Owl, Nightjar, Kingfisher, Short-toed Lark, Woodlark, Tawny Pipit, Red-backed Shrike, Lesser Gray Shrike, Ortolan.