• National park Mljet
  • Larus audouinii - Audouin's Gull
  • Larus audouinii - Audouin's Gull
  • Phalacrocorax Aristotelis - Shag
  • Alectoris Graeca - Rock Partridge
  • Anthus Campestris - Tawny pipit
  • National park Mljet
  • National Park Mljet

    Area description

    in addition to the northwest part of the Island of Mljet, the islets in its vicinity also belong to this area. The Island of Mljet is the greenest Croatian island - meaning that it has most of its forests preserved, unlike the other Croatian islands.

    This is the second most important nesting place of Audouin's Gull (in particular on the Island of Glavat and on the Island of Ovrata). This is a national park.

    Types of habitats

    • 36% sea, 64% land of which:
    • 93% coniferous forests and holm oak macchia
    • 4% Mediterranean shrub
    • 3% other


    Shag, Audouin's Gull, Rock Partridge, Nightjar, Tawny Pipit, Red-backed Shrike.