• Poecile Lugubris - Sombre Tit
  • Monticola Solitarius - Blue Rock Thrush
  • Monticola Saxatilis - Rock Thrush
  • Sitta Neumayer - Rock Nuthatch
  • Prunella Collaris - Alpine Accentor
  • Mountains

    • Velebit area

      This is the widest Croatian mountain range, and a nature park, the largest in Croatia. All types of forest, open, rocky and mixed habitats are... read more

    • Ravni kotari area

      Probably the largest Croatian population of Montagu´s Harrier dwells in this broad open habitat, while in the new pubescent oak forests which... read more

    • Mosor, Kozjak and hills surrounding Trogir

      A xeric rocky area, with cliffs suitable for breeding of birds of prey. This is the only area for nesting Lanners in Croatia in recent years.... read more

    • Area of Dinara Mountain

      Dinara is the highest mountain in Croatia with the largest mountain pastures in the country. Here dwells the only nesting population of Shore... read more

    • Biokovo Mountain

      Biokovo is a high mountain, prevailingly a rocky habitat with cliffs, especially on its coastal side. The prevailing forest types here are sub... read more

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